Parrot teacher brings rescue birds to classrooms

DACULA, Ga. -- If birds of a feather stick together, Terry Trammel is a member of the flock.

"I currently have 10 birds," he said.

A standout is Arcy, a green-winged macaw from South America. She once belonged to someone else and was a beloved pet. Then -- forgotten. Arcy was abandoned and has the ruffled feathers to prove it.

"When I got her, I couldn't touch her. There's no way I could get this close to her," Trammel said.

The same goes for most of his feathered family. "These birds are rescue birds," he said.

But Trammel treasures these animals. "When you bring a parrot in to your house, you become part of that flock," he said.

His role is "parrot teacher," touring Gwinnett County classrooms, lighting up young eyes with his claws-on approach to lessons.

"I would much rather, instead of taking in parrots, teach the people that are buying these parrots how to handle their parrots and train their parrot so that they can keep them. They mean a lot," he said.


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