Surrogate mom adopts unwanted special needs kid

CHONBURI PROVINCE, Thailand - There's a happy ending in store for a baby in the center of an international controversy.

An Australian couple hired a woman in Thailand to carry their baby. The women ended up with twins, and when it was revealed the boy twin had Down syndrome, the parents said they didn't want him, and the surrogate mother was left with crippling medical bills. But now things are looking up.

Being born with a heart defect hasn't stopped little Gammy from capturing the love of perfect strangers.

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While he recovers in the hospital, his surrogate mother received a life-changing phone call.

Pattharamon Janbua is no longer facing the high medical bills alone.

"Thank you so much, I have no words for this. Everyone is very generous. I can't say anything but thank you, thank you very much," she said.

Gammy's Australian parents abandoned him, only claiming his healthy twin sister. But when the 7-month-old's story made headlines, Aussies dug deep.

"The family, I think are both delighted and a little overwhelmed even is the appropriate state that they're in," said Peter Baines with Hands Across the Water.

At first check the fund had raised $60,000. Now it has more than doubled to $150,000.

"I guess it illustrates some of the pitfalls involved in this particular business. It's a very sad story," said Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Pattharamon agreed to the surrogacy, worth almost $12,000. But as a Buddhist, she refused an abortion when the biological parents found out their son had Down syndrome.

There's now a nervous wait for the other Australian parents currently involved in around 400 similar pregnancies, as the Department of Foreign Affairs examines the Thai surrogacy trade.

For this family, the ties of a mother and son will always bind.


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