#THISIS50: Take a look at the changing face of 50

(TODAY SHOW) -- If you're turning 50 this year, not to worry. Things may be a whole lot more fabulous than you ever thought possible. To celebrate our own Hoda Kotb's 50th birthday on Aug. 9, TODAY is taking a closer look at what it means to be 50 now — and our TODAY survey found plenty of reasons to celebrate.

What's clear is that 50 sure isn't what it used to be. In fact, 70 percent of 50-year-olds surveyed by TODAY say they feel younger than their age. With people living longer, and knowing a whole lot more about living a healthy lifestyle, 72 percent of respondents say being 50 today is actually younger than it was in their own parents' generation.

Turns out, getting old is a moving goalpost. Remember when you were 20 and thought 50 was ancient? When today's 50-year-olds were asked to put a number on "old," they chose 66. But ask a 60-something and they say 72.


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