15 Things you didn't know about Tax Day 2015

ATLANTA -- There are just a few days that mark our calendars with specific meaning every year: December 25th, January 1st, and of course, April 15th. Instead of celebration, Tax Day brings moans of complaints. It's easy to see why: as a nation, we fork over $3.1 trillion and 6.1 billion hours.

WalletHub crunched a few more numbers for your Tax Day amusement. It won't ease the pain of payment, but at least you'll sound smart around the water cooler today. Here's a summary of what they found in 15 facts or 2015:

  1. 28 Minutes: The average wait time when calling the IRS (compared with 11 minutes in 2010)
  2. 60% of IRS calls were never answered (through mid-February 2015)
  3. 7 weeks: estimated timetable for refunds (normally, it's 4-6 weeks)
  4. IRS identity theft has increased more than 700% since 2010
  5. 150 million individuals will file tax returns in 2015
  6. 80% of returns will be filed electronically
  7. The average tax refund is $3,120
  8. 96% of refunds are paid through direct deposit
  9. 6 million households are expected to pay an Obamacare penalty for not obtaining insurance
  10. The total U.S. tax bill (including federal, state, and local) is $4.8 trillion
  11. There have been 5,000 changes in the U.S. tax code since 2001
  12. There are 4 million words in the U.S. tax code. That's 5x the words in the Bible and 4x all of the Harry Potter books combined
  13. The average taxpayer spent 16 hours preparing taxes this year
  14. 60% of taxpayers will get professional help in 2015
  15. The IRS expects to lose $21 billion in tax-refund fraud in 2016


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