Try It Before You Buy It: Aero Knife

(WXIA) -- As the only man in the house, Darryl Coleman is the go-to guy for anything outdoors or on the grill.

"I am the outdoor chef at home," he says.

Like any good cook, he needs the best supplies, and his knives could definitely use an update. That's why he's excited to try the Aero Knife, which claims to be a light, nonstick, razor-sharp knife "that will change the way you prepare your meals," according to the commercial.

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Darryl pulls out his cutting board and prepares to put the product to the test. He grabs a tomato and begins to chop with his old knife.

"Not too bad," he says.

Then he gives the Aero Knife a try. It slices just as well, but at an angle.

"It seems like it wants to track to the outside more," he says.

Darryl thinks it may be his form, so he cuts a few more slices and discovers the knife is sharp when he applies some effort.

"I think it's sharp, but you have to saw back and forth in order for it to go through the tomato," he says.

He pulls out a block of cheese to get a better comparison. First he uses his own knife. Then he gives the Aero Knife another shot, but runs into some of the same problems.

"It will cut thin, but again, it always seems to want to be tracking to the outside," he says.

Darryl is unmoved by the tool and says it doesn't beat the ones he already has stored in the drawer. He gives the Aero Knife a mixed review.


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