Try It Before You Buy It: Can Soda Fresh

(WXIA) -- As a rising college sophomore, Kimberly Coleman spends a lot of her time either studying or drinking -- soda, of course.

"I can enjoy a soda once in a while," she says.

Those sodas pack a lot of sugar, so Kimberly will drink half a can and save the rest for later. But when she goes to drink it, it's often flat.

She's excited to try the Can Soda Fresh, which claims it prevents opened sodas from spilling or going flat. With a single pump, it makes the drink just like new.

Kimberly's first impression isn't exactly positive. She described the device as "cheesy."

She pulls out a fresh can of Coca-Cola and takes a sip before pouring some into a glass. Then she attaches the product to the can and tries to close it, but runs into some difficulty.

"It won't stay down," she says.

After several tries, Kimberly removes the can's tab and gives the device one last push. That seems to do the trick. She pumps the lid about four times and feels the can pressurize.

But using a brand new can of soda doesn't seem like a true test. Kimberly finds a can she opened and left overnight, then takes a sip. It's definitely flat.

She pops open another can that sat overnight with the product attached. That drink isn't quite as flat, but Kimberly is not impressed.

For $6 a lid, Kimberly believes consumers should skip the device and just go for a new can of Coke. She gives the Can Soda Fresh two thumbs down.


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