Try It Before You Buy It: Expandable Snack Container

(WXIA) -- India Greenway is an avid runner who's always on the go, so she packs snacks that keep her moving.

"I usually like to take Cheez-Its or vegetables or fruits -- snacks just to help me get through the day," she says.

But India's concerned that packing her treats in sandwich bags is wasteful. That's why she's excited to try the Aladdin Expandable Snack Container, which prevents food from getting "smooshed" on the go. It claims to be perfect for crackers and candy, and even collapses when it's not in use.

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India's first impression is positive: "It's cute, and it's not too big or too bulky to fit in my lunchbox."

She removes the lid and tries to transfer her snacks from their bags to the 12-ounce container. Unfortunately, she can't fit very much food in it.

"If I wanted more, you can forget about it," India says.

She tries adding fruit to the container, but that's worse. It only holds a couple pieces, even when it's expanded.

"I'd be starving!" India says.

It's difficult to reach inside the container too. India needs to use a fork to grab food that's not on top.

"It'd be messy," she says. "I'd have to use a napkin."

She believes the Aladdin Expandable Snack Container is cute but not practical for adults. As it comes with a $13 price tag, she'll stick with her baggies. In the end, the product gets a mixed review -- thumbs up for kids, thumbs down for adults.


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