Try It Before You Buy It: Geyser Tube

(WXIA) -- Mitchell considers himself a prankster. Even though he's 15, he still loves doing fun kids' stuff, such as ding dong ditch.

That's why he's excited to try Geyser Tube, which uses the classic diet soda and Mentos experiment to create a soda geyser.

Geyser Tube is a special pressurizing nozzle that triggers a reaction reaching 30 feet -- an intense explosion for sure.

The instructions are simple. Mitchell screws the tube onto a bottle of Diet Pepsi and loads it with Mentos. He then pulls the trigger and, sure enough, soda shoots up into the air.

Mitchell then decided to take it up a notch and add more Mentos. Eight of the little mints create an even bigger explosion.

Is Mitchell pleased with the product?

"That was pretty cool," he says.

His review is no surprise; the Geyser Tube gets thumbs up from Mitchell.


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