Try It Before You Buy It: Hot Designs

(WXIA) -- Kathryn White and her daughter Aubree are both girly-girls, but neither have time for the nail salon.

"It's too expensive. I wouldn't pay for a 4 year old!" Kathryn says.

However, they do like to paint each others' fingernails. Kathryn says it's a great way for them to bond on a budget.

"She loves it," she says of Aubree.

Mother and daughter are excited to try Hot Designs, which is advertised as a professional nail art kit. It comes with six nail colors in paint and pen forms.

Kathryn's first impression of the product is positive.

"I like how you have a pen connected to each color so you can make designs easily," she says.

She paints Aubree's nails with a brush before testing her skills with the pens. First, the little girl's nails have to dry.

"The paint is thick, it's thick to put on, it's thick to design, and especially for a 4 year old, it's a little hard to let it dry before it gets messed up," Kathryn says.

Things get a bit messy when she tries to draw on her daughter's nails. On the plus side, the kit comes with easy-to-follow steps to make shapes like flowers, hearts and watermelons. However ...

"We tried the heart, and that didn't go over too well," Kathryn says, showing off the smudged heart on Aubree's nail.

The instructions are not enough to help the duo make Aubree's nails a success, so the $15 kit is not worth it to them. They give Hot Designs two (partially decorated) thumbs down.


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