Try It Before You Buy It: Hot Huez

(WXIA) -- Teenagers and preteens love to change their looks -- sometimes with styles, other times with hair colors.

Madison and Paige have both had negative experiences coloring their hair. Paige once used spray dye.

"It didn't come out very well," she says.

Madison tried coloring her hair with Kool-Aid.

"It stayed in for really long," she says.

So the girls are excited to try Hot Huez, which is advertised as a colorful hair chalk that washes out easily.

To use the product, Madison puts Paige's hair in the applicator, with the sponge on the bottom and the chalk on top. She closes Paige's hair in the device, slides it down and seals it with hairspray.

"I like it!" Paige says.

The only issue is that it's messy, and the chalk comes off everywhere. It's not what Madison expected.

"It's more chalky," she says. "You can even see some of the pieces of chalk flying off."

After trying it, both girls are curious to see if the color washes out. After shampooing, most of the color comes out, but not all of it.

Overall, the girls like the way their hair looks, but they do have some concerns.

"I didn't like how it gets all over your hands," Paige says.

"It was good, but it didn't show up as well as I thought it would," Madison says.

Therefore, they give Hot Huez a mixed review.


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