Try It Before You Buy It: Loud 'N Clear

(WXIA) -- Ashley Busch is a step, Spinning and Pilates instructor at a local fitness club. She says that after years of listening to loud music, her hearing is not what it used to be.

"My husband would have to say something like three or four times to me," she says.

So she's excited to try Loud 'N Clear, a personal sound amplifier that claims it can turn ordinary hearing into extraordinary hearing. It's not a hearing aid, but its commercial says users will never miss out on a conversation, game or TV show again; it even brags that it can help people snoop on others' conversations.

While 11Alive News does not condone eavesdropping, Karyn Greer asks Ashley to check it out. While some of her friends have a conversation, Ashley sits 10 feet away and tries to listen in.

"It amplifies it a bit, but I wouldn't say it amplifies it to the point where I can clearly hear what they are saying," Ashley says. "You hear a lot of static too."

What about the television? Ashley turns it on at a normal level to see if the device helps her hear it, but it's not much better than her friends' conversation.

At $20, Ashley does not believe the Loud 'N Clear is worth the price, as it does not help her hear what she's been missing. She gives the product two thumbs down.


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