Try It Before You Buy It: Nature's Kloth

(WXIA) -- Like many people, Kimeida Gasaway counts on paper towels to clean up messes around the house, but it can get expensive.

"I like using paper towels, but I don't like the fact that I have to use so many of them," she says. "I just wish that I had something that I could use that would be a little more absorbent."

Kimeida is excited to try Nature's Kloth, an environmentally friendly alternative to her beloved towels. The biodegradable product claims it has the absorbency of 15 rolls of paper towels, that is cleans surfaces in a flash and that it washes up nicely in a washing machine.

"Oh, it sounds awesome!" Kimeida says.

Before trying it out, she pours water on her kitchen counter and then mops it up with a paper towel.

"It's still wet," she says.

She then takes a spin around the counter with Nature's Kloth and sees much better results.

"It actually did absorb all the water," she says.

Next, Kimeida spills some cranberry juice. Again, the new cloth cleans up everything.

"It soaked up all the cranberry juice as well," she says. However, she notices that when Nature's Kloth is already wet, it takes a moment to absorb spills.

She's impressed by the product's durability, but finds it pricey at five towels for $10. So before rating the product, Kimeida decides to put it in the washing machine -- something she can't do with her paper towels. Nature's Kloth comes out like new.

And that's the deciding factor. She gives the product two thumbs up.


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