Try It Before You Buy It: Ove Glove

(WXIA) -- When Cathy Walker's two boys invite friends over to their house, she always wants to serve them tasty snacks.

"This is a treat," Cathy says as she pulls a tray of cookies from the oven.

Baking cookies for the kids can be hard to do without the right equipment, and Cathy is tired of burning her hands with her old oven mitts. So she is excited to try the Ove Glove, a mitt made with Nomex and Kevlar -- the same material used to make firefighters' gear. It promises to protect the wearer's hands in temperatures up to 540 degrees.

"I like that it's actually a glove with your fingers free," Cathy says as she tries on an Ove Glove.

While her cookies finish baking, she tests the glove on a bowl of boiling water in the microwave. Unlike with her oven mitts, Cathy is able to hold the bowl with the glove covering her entire hand.

"The thing about this is, I can pinch it so I can actually grab it," she says.

Once the cookies are done, Cathy uses the Ove Glove to remove the pan from the oven. She finds the tray much easier to hold.

"Oh, that's nice," she says, adding that while she can still feel the heat coming from the pan, it's not burning her hand.

Overall, Cathy finds the Ove Glove thicker, safer and more comfortable than her oven mitts. Even at $20 each, she says the gloves are worth the price.

In the end, she gives the Ove Glove two thumbs up.


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