Try It Before You Buy It: Pasta Boat

(WXIA) -- "You know what they say about a watched pot," Cathy says. "It never boils."

Joking aside, waiting for water to boil can be annoying and a hassle, even when it comes to something easy like cooking pasta.

That's why Cathy can't wait to try the Pasta Boat, which claims to cook delicious pasta in the microwave.

"I want to see if it delivers," she says. "That would be wonderful."

Cathy decided to compare the product to cooking pasta the traditional way. She finds herself constantly checking her pot of boiling water.

"I come back to it every couple of minutes," she says.

The Pasta Boat, however, is placed in the microwave, where Cathy doesn't need to monitor it.

"The dinner's just taking care of itself," she says.

It may seem like an easier way to make pasta, but the taste will be the true test. Cathy samples noodles from both the Pasta Boat and the boiling water.

"They taste about the same," she says.

So does Cathy now have something new to add to her kitchen arsenal?

"Yes, I do," she says. "I like that very much. I'm impressed."

This boat receives rave reviews and is ready to sail; Cathy gives the Pasta Boat two thumbs up.


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