Try It Before You Buy It: Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster

ATLANTA -- Hot dogs are the perfect summer food, and Will Gillett is a big fan.

When Will makes hot dogs, he cooks them in the microwave, which makes them "mostly more hot on the outside and not as warm on the inside." He also leaves the bun cold.

Will is eager to try the Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster, which is supposed to cook both the meat and the bun.

His initial reaction to the device isn't positive.

"Personally, it looks kind of cheapish," he says.

But he and his brothers still decide to test it. They place hot dogs and buns into the device, push down the lever like they would on a toaster and wait.

When the hot dogs come out, they're a little burnt, but that doesn't bother Will or his father. However, Will's younger brother is less than impressed.

"I think it takes too long to cook a regular hot dog," the brother says.

The contraption keeps burning the buns and making them fall apart. It also looks like it would be difficult to clean.

Despite the negatives, the boys are still torn on how to rate the Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster. After some arguing, they decide on a mixed review.


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