Try It Before You Buy It: Ronco Bagel Cutter

(WXIA) -- India Greenway always eats carbs before a big run. Her go-to energy boost in the mornings is a bagel.

But sometimes cutting a bagel in half is harder than running a half marathon -- not to mention dangerous. India is looking for a faster, more efficient way.

The Ronco Bagel Cutter claims to provide a safe and easy way to slice bagels and English muffins, cutting preparation time (not to mention food products) in half.

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India decides to test it. She places a bagel in the product's holder and uses the included knife to cut it, but has some difficulty.

When India compares the bagel she cut in the product with the one she cut by hand, she doesn't see much of a difference.

The bagel cutter also claims to make bagel chips. India inserts a chipping card into the holder, but her first attempt doesn't inspire much confidence.

For $10, the Ronco Bagel Cutter is not worth the extra work. India gives the product two thumbs down.


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