Try It Before You Buy It: StufZ

(WXIA) -- During grilling season, Janie Coleman and her husband Darryl love to make burgers for the family.

When they grill, they go all out. But one thing they haven't tried is stuffing all those toppings inside their hamburgers. They're excited to try StufZ, which claims to mold stuffed burgers that would make a professional chef envious.

All the Colemans need to do is shape, stuff and seal their burgers. Janie can't wait to jump right in. She places some hamburger meat in the dish and clicks down, but quickly needs help opening it back up.

The first attempt doesn't have enough meat. She repeats the steps with a larger amount -- and finds that she has too much to form a cup.

After multiple attempts -- each one messier than the last -- Janie finally gets the hang of it. She places some toppings in the device, adds meat to the lid and presses the dish together. She ends up with a very big burger.

Janie is willing to give StufZ one more try, but she just gets hamburger meat everywhere. She finally decides to just make a couple of stuffed burgers the old-fashioned way: by hand.

Darryl puts the burgers on the grill. They're done in minutes and look gourmet, but do they taste good?

Thankfully, the burgers are delicious, but Janie and Darryl do not think the happy ending is worth all the hard work. They give StufZ two thumbs down.


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