Try It Before You Buy It: Turbo Roaster

(WXIA) -- India Greenway is no stranger to eating chicken. She just doesn't bake it.

"My mom usually does all the cooking," she says. "I'm like her little helper bee."

Her mom can prepare a chicken that's nice and moist in about an hour and a half, but India wants to do better.

The Turbo Roaster promises to help cook chicken and turkeys in half the time using an infuser that moistens and heats the meat from the inside out.

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India decides to give it a shot. She fills the product's infuser with water. It has no measurements, so she makes an educated guess.

India slides the lid over the tube and twists it shut. She then inserts the roaster into the chicken.

The pan looks a little too big to fit inside her oven, but India makes some adjustments and gets the job done.

The only thing left to do is wait. India sets the temperature at 450 degrees and the timer to 45. Within minutes, the chicken has browned in the oven, and when India pulls it out, she can hear it sizzle.

India flips the chicken over and grabs a carving knife to inspect it. What she sees stops her in her tracks.

"Is that blood?" she asks.

Sure enough, the dark meat is a little too pink to eat, but the white meat seems to be done.

Even though India cooked the chicken for the suggested time, the bird needs to go back in the oven. That seals the verdict; she gives the Turbo Roaster two thumbs down.


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