Augusten Burroughs

1:30 PM, Nov 4, 2009   |    comments
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"You Better Not Cry" is #1 best-selling author Augusten Burroughs's new collection of holiday-themed stories taken from his childhood on up to the present day, which comprises - in typical Augusten style - an unorthodox, slightly subversive tribute to holiday madness.  "You Better Not Cry" range from Augusten's disastrous attempts to build an idyllic gingerbread house for his mother as a child; to his early, alcohol-soaked Christmases in Manhattan, which include one year when he woke up naked in a bed at the Waldorf-Astoria after an all-night bender to find an equally-naked French Kris Kringle sleeping next to him; to his final, poignant Christmases with his HIV-positive partner, "Pighead," who was immortalized in the memoir, Dry - are all as alternately moving and outlandish as you would imagine.


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