Elana Meyers Hometown Celebrates the Bronze

11:33 PM, Feb 25, 2010   |    comments
Elana Meyers
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Go the local Douglasville gym where she was a trainer--or go to her high school in Lithia Springs and Elana Meyers name is everywhere.

"It's been great. We have a sign out front and a sign on the board. We got here and we just made sure the whole world and the whole gym knew that she won the bronze and she did a great job at the Olympics," said Mabel Akin, a Gold's Gym colleague.

Elana and Mabel Akin went to high school together and Mabel treasures her copy of the 2002 yearbook--Elana's senior year.

For Mabel, Elana's medal win was thrilling.

"It was surreal. I went to high school with her and she was voted most athletic and look what she came to do," Akin continued.

Another colleague at Gold's was Shyer Burney.

"She always told us she was going to be in the Olympics. She believed she'd qualify in softball but when softball got taken out--it broke her heart and she just went to the next thing," Burney said.

Something that her high school softball coach, Johnny Davenport saw firsthand.

"Her heart was broken when they took softball out of the Olympics and that was her big thing and she was looking for another route to go," he said.

Did Bobsledding surprise you, we asked?

"Oh yes. I watched her. She's good," he added.

And you might say that-3rd best in the world.

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