Road Rage in Decatur: A man and his baseball bat.

8:49 PM, Mar 17, 2010   |    comments
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It began with two anonymous motorists sitting in adjacent lanes at a traffic light in Decatur.  Within seconds, it inexplicably escalated into violence.

"Something possessed that guy to get out of that Chevy Suburban with a baseball bat, and bash out the rear window of the pickup truck," said Mike Daly, an eyewitness.

"He pulled up alongside of us, the light turned red. He rolled his window down and just started cussing us out," said Gary Holcombe.  He was a passenger in the pickup truck with his son at the intersection Monday morning.  They had tried to change lanes.  He says the driver of the Suburban next to them took exception.  

"And that's when he got out of his Suburban with a ball bat and started threatening my son.  Then he whacked the back of the glass and shattered the glass all in the truck," said Holcombe.

Police identify the bat wielding motorist as 43 year old Barry Graham.  He was jailed on charges of destruction of property, simple assault and simple battery.  He's now out on bond.  We spoke to him briefly at his home.  He declined comment.

"It was crazy.  And we were just the wrong people at the wrong time," said Holcombe.  

Holcombe says the road rage incident was unexpected and unnerving.

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