Athens neighbors relieved after tense standoff ends

1:33 PM, Mar 26, 2011   |    comments
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Accused cop killer Jamie Hood was taken into custody by SWAT teams Friday night.

ATHENS, Ga. -- The surrender of suspected cop killer Jamie Hood on live television Friday night brought to a close the massive days long manhunt that came to the doorstep of one North Athens neighborhood.

"I was just ready for it to be over, so I could go home," said Amy Johnson, who spent several hours locked down inside her mother's home as police nearby conducted tense negotiations for the release of eight hostages and Hood's surrender on Friday night.

Even though the search for the 33-year-old West Athens man had gone nationwide, investigators believed he was staying close to home.

"He just randomly showed up here, so it was kinda crazy," another neighbor said Friday. "It was very nerve-wracking all day."

Even with Hood in police custody late Friday night, relief mixed with frayed nerves.

"It's somewhat still scary," said Stacy Vasquez who was stranded for hours outside the police perimeter, waiting for the opportunity to go home. "I'm very surprised. I figured he would probably come out shooting."

Earlier in the day, both online in a televised address, law enforcement officials had assured Hood they would not fire he turned himself in peacefully. He finally did shortly after 11 p.m.






















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