Jamie Hood: "I regret killing that officer"

9:23 PM, Mar 26, 2011   |    comments
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  • Jamie Hood's mother, Azalee Hood, said she's relieved her son surrendered safely on Friday night.

ATHENS, Ga. -- With his arms in handcuffs, moments after his surrender Friday night, Jamie Hood said, "I regret killing that officer. That innocent officer didn't deserve that. I regret that."

"They killed my brother," the 33-year-old added. His brother was killed in a standoff with police a decade ago. "They were gonna kill me. I did stuff wrong. That's their job if you did something wrong, you know." 

Despite several assurances that officers would not fire at Hood if he surrendered peacefully, he only agreed to end his hours long standoff Friday night if there was live news coverage.

When he emerged from the home he'd barricaded himself and several hostages in within Athens' Creek Stone subdivision, Hood followed through on a promise he made to his mother over the phone hours earlier.

"He said, 'Momma, I'm gonna turn myself in. I'm tired,'" Azalee Hood said on Saturday morning. "I just thank the Lord it's over and no one else was hurt. I am feeling relieved."



She watched her son's dramatic arrest on live television while sitting with GBI agents inside a hotel room nearby.


Azalee said she called authorities right after Jamie called her on Friday afternoon. Then she called 11Alive News.  

"Was that the first time you'd heard from him since he started running?" asked 11Alive's Jennifer Leslie.

"Yes. They had our phone tapped,"Azalee said. "I told them I'm not gonna hide him. He did wrong," 

Her son stayed out of sight and on the run for four days after being charged with killing Senior Police Officer Elmer "Buddy" Christian and wounding Senior Police Officer Tony Howard on Tuesday. They'd been looking for him in connection with a carjacking and kidnapping.

"I sincerely think he's sorry, but sorry doesn't cut it," Azalee Hood said. "I want to tell him to his face that I don't appreciate it. He impacted everybody's lives."

Jamie's sister, Jennifer Hood, said she's glad the search is over.

"I'm so relieved that God touched Jamie's mind to surrender and turn himself in," Jennifer said.

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