LOL OMG text talk added to dictionary

1:46 PM, Mar 26, 2011   |    comments
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NEW YORK -- It's difficult to avoid letting things such as OMG, and LOL slip into our text messages and emails, but at least we can now excuse that by pointing out that those are in fact terms acknowledged by the authorities of the English language.

In the latest update of the Oxford English Dictionary, there are a whole new batch of silly words and definitions including several initialisms - abbreviations consisting of the initial letters of expressions - made popular through their frequent use in text messages, tweets, or emails.

The experts at Oxford Dictionaries Online explain that the initialisms added to the dictionary are "noteworthy" and even happen to be "found outside of electronic contexts" at times, and we believe them. After all, how could these language authorities not add initialisms and words like this to the dictionary without a good reason:

couch surfing
la-la land
muffin top

The heart icon was also added as a synonym for love.


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