Man Beats Odds, Gets Struck Twice by Lightning

9:38 PM, Apr 15, 2011   |    comments
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Peter Strickland has been struck twice by lightning.

DORAVILLE, Ga. -- Peter Strickland has firsthand knowledge of the sky's peril.  "I've had enough," the Doraville man said ruefully. "I've had enough lightning."

As a young man, the 59-year-old Strickland says he and some friends exited a vehicle in a muddy field one day, at what he thought was the completion of a thunderstorm.

"Lightning hit right next to us, in the dirt," Strickland recounted.  "And we're standing in water. And all of us had our hands on the doorknobs. And we were all getting out, and it just leveled all of us."

At that point, Strickland became the rare guy who'd been struck by lightning -- a man who learned firsthand to respect its power, and who seemed unlikely to experience it again.

Then ten years later, it happened again.

"The second time was probably the dumbest time," he said.  "I was taking a bath in a thunderstorm.

"And so the phone rang. I got out of the bath tub. And sat in a metal lawn chair.

"And lightning struck the fence. And needless to say, it came right through the phone, and blew me across the room. And once again I woke up about three minutes later," he laughed.

"And the whole side of my head was bright red for about four days."

Now Peter Strickland is the even rarer guy who's been struck by lightning twice.

"Anytime it starts to thunder or lightning, I lose all my friends. They all just vanish," he said.

But Strickland says he's highly motivated to limit his lightning experiences to the two he's already had.

He is arguably the luckiest man to have had two of the unluckiest experiences a man can have. Two brushes with lightning, he says, has changed his life.

"It definitely has changed some chemistry in my brain," he said, straight-faced.

And twice, he says, was quite sufficient.

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