Record month for tornadoes

11:18 PM, Apr 25, 2011   |    comments
In Cave Springs, three dozen people survived the powerful tornado that touched down in Floyd County by hiding in a cave
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ATLANTA -- It seems like every week we're bracing for another storm to move through Atlanta fearing the worst. If it seems like we've had more severe storms than normal, there's a reason for it. This is a record month for tornadoes.

According to the National Weather Service tornadoes have touched down in 22 states in April. So far this month there have been 292 confirmed tornadoes which breaks the previous record of 267 tornadoes in April of 1974. The April average is 163 tornadoes.

In the state of Georgia we haven't had as many tornadoes as other states, but we've had more than usual. A tornado that touched down in Butts County earlier this month claimed the lives of a father and son. It also damaged a few other homes and uprooted trees.

Two tornadoes touched down in Gilmer County the same day, damaging hundreds of homes and an animal rescue group's barn full of animals.

There have been 11 confirmed tornadoes in Georgia in April and 13 so far in 2011. That compares to only 11 tornadoes all of last year.

And here is the scary part: Typically there are more tornadoes in May than there are in April, twice as many.


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