MIDTOWN: Third lawsuit filed in W Hotel case

6:27 PM, Jun 10, 2011   |    comments
  • W Hotel Midtown Atlanta (Flickr:W Worldwide)
  • LaShawna Threatt May 27, 1981 to May 28, 2011.
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ATLANTA - A third lawsuit was filed this week in the W Hotel case that resulted in the falling death of one woman and the serious injury of a second woman late last month.

The Cochran Firm has brought a wrongful death and negligence suit on behalf of Imonee Williams, 14, daughter of LaShawna Threatt, 30, who died from a fall from a window at the hotel on May 28.

A statement from the firm, released Friday, said that Imonee was the only person legally entitled to bring a wrongful death suit in the case. The suit names W Hotel Management, W Hotels Real Estate, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Nobel Investment Group, Noble-AEW Colony Square, AEW Capital Management and AEW Partners.

The firm was retained by Imonee's grandmother, Sharon Traylor, LaShawna's fiancé, LaRay Hamilton and a close family friend, Jacqueline Whiteside. Hamilton has petitioned the court to be appointed legal guardian of Imonee. The law firm's statement says the both the petition and lawsuit were filed at the Imonee's request.

Two other suits were filed in the case last week, one by Maurice Threatt on behalf of his daughter's estate; the second was a lawsuit filed by Gloria Williams, mother of Ciara Williams, 25, who was seriously injured in the fall.

The agency representing the hotel chain said Friday afternoon that they were not aware of the third lawsuit as of that point. They had no further statements about the lawsuits.

According to a police report, Ciara Williams and LaShawna Threatt were "play fighting" in the 10th floor hotel room in Midtown Atlanta when they fell from the window early on the morning of May 28.

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