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Unique Eats--MetroFresh in Midtown Atlanta

9:56 PM, Jun 18, 2011   |    comments
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(AP File)

ATLANTA  -- The kitchen starts buzzing before the sun comes up, and by noon, the dining room and outside terraces are full. 

Its all happening at MetroFresh, tucked into a strip mall opposite the Grady High School athletic field on Monroe Drive.

"We come in at 5 a.m., look and see what's coming in that's really fresh and we will come up with the menu reallly on the spur of the moment." said Mitchell Anderson, owner and chef at MetroFresh.

Anderson is passionate about what he prepares and serves. 

"We use all real food and put it together in different ways and then you can eat as much as you want" he said. 

Every day the staff prepares five hot and cold soups, and seven or eight salads.

As the cooking gets into full swing Anderson sends out an email detailing the daily menu. He adds his own blog and commentary on the world around him. 

"We have customers who come in, i am not kidding you, three times a day, five days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are their kitchen. We are they neighborhood kitchen," Anderson said. 
Customer say they love the unique way MetroFresh prepares foods not too many people eat regularly.

"I was excited about the Brussels Sprouts because I cook them at home and they are not as tasty as here when I got the sample," said Laquetta Anderson, a customer in for lunch. 

And prices are kept low to volume high. Soups and Salads are both $4.75 and get them both and get a discount and customers keep coming back. 

"I love the fresh ingredients. I love the variety. Things are different everyday," said Sarah McMullen, another MetroFresh luncheon diner.

"It's fresh. It's healthy. I just finished working out so I just came here and had a nice fresh healthy meal," said Kay Weeks.

Although the idea is to keep the eating healthy, some things look just too good.

'I threw in the Key Lime cupcake which is delicious and I could not pass that up,'' said Lakara Foster.

MetroFresh is open seven days a week on Monroe and five days a week at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

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