How much did Dr. Hall know about cheating?

12:23 PM, Jul 7, 2011   |    comments
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Former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall

ATLANTA -- The 400-plus-page document ends with a dramatic and damaging conclusion.

"Dr. Hall either knew or should have known cheating and other misconduct was occurring in the APS system," the reports reads.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: APS CRCT Cheating Investigation

Investigators say as early as 2001, several schools boasted dramatic, eye-catching improvements on standardized tests that should have raised suspicions about potential cheating.

The report concludes, "Such large gains over a short period of time should have been red flag warnings to APS administrators."

But was anyone actually accusing people of cheating 10 years ago?

No, but some of the same schools that boasted those improbable gains a decade ago would later be implicated in the cheating scandal.

And by 2005, the report states Dr. Hall and other top administrators had been notified of possible cheating. The report basically accuses Dr. Hall and others of trying to cover up rather uncover the truth about the allegations.

"ln many instances, those reports were ignored, superficially investigated, or hidden from view," investigators wrote.

Through her attorney, Dr. Hall is denying the allegations saying, "She most definitely did not know of any widespread cheating on the CRCT in 2009 or any other year. We deny that Dr. Hall has engaged in any intentional wrongdoing whatsoever."

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