New Jersey educator says Hall was 'ruthless'

8:17 AM, Jul 9, 2011   |    comments
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Video: Where's Beverly Hall?

Atlanta School Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall

ATLANTA -- A longtime New Jersey educator says the basic storyline of fear, intimidation and allegations of cheating in the Atlanta Public School system is eerily similar to charges leveled against former Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall during her tenure with the Newark school system.

It's chilling to me because it brings back the memories of what I saw," said Newark Teacher's Union President Joseph Del Grosso.

Del Grosso says he spent five contentious years butting heads with Dr. Hall who at the time was superintendent of the state-controlled Newark school system.

Del Grosso says in Newark, Dr. Hall displayed a divisive, us-versus-them style of leadership. He says anyone who questioned her or criticized her educational reforms was viewed as the enemy.

"It was really disheartening to see her threatening people," Del Grosso said. "She basically told them unless test scores went up, they would lose their job."

Del Gross says there were persistent, if largely unproven, allegations about cheating and test tampering during Hall's tenure in New Jersey.

Del Grosso says he continued to follow Hall's career in Atlanta. He says he's not surprised by the allegation -- only that they took so long to surface.

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