GQ names Atlanta among worst dressed cities

2:40 PM, Jul 14, 2011   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Pleated pants, promotional t-shirts and seersucker suits are among Atlanta's outstanding fashion offenses according to GQ. ranked Atlanta 17th among its 40 worst-dressed cities.

"Atlanta is the Mecca of the promotional T-shirt," Mark Anthony Green writes on the style website. "Everyone is a CEO or founder of a record label or a clothing line you'd have never heard of if it weren't plastered in size 96 Helvetica font on their chest."

"The pleats in Atlantans' pants are deeper than the Chocolate Rain kid's voice and their blazers look like hand-me-downs, because they are hand-me-downs," Green continues. "In the A, there is nothing wrong with wearing uncle Ned's seersucker suit to the shindig in October-fit, be damned."

Famed Atlanta fashion designer Sid Mashburn said not all the criticism was undue. 

"I think that the people that are more famous from Atlanta tend to dress in a way that may not be quite as up to par as they should," said Mashburn, who's named among GQ's Top 10 Stylish men. "It's funny when you go out in Atlanta at night, the women all look like a million bucks. The guys are not dressing up enough."

Other cities on GQ's worst-dressed list include Las Vegas, Houston, San Francisco and the Jersey Shore.

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