APS schools caught cheating may have to repay federal funds

6:41 PM, Jul 13, 2011   |    comments
Atlanta Public Schools
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ATLANTA -- Schools in the Atlanta Public School system that received federal grants could have to repay as much as $1 million of those funds in the wake of the cheating scandal, state school officials say.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: Atlanta Public Schools CRCT Cheating Investigation

If Title I schools make Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) for three consecutive years, they move into "Distinguished School status". As those schools continue in that status, they become eligible to receive Distinguished Schools monies under Title I.

All 44 of the schools that were found to have cheated on the CRCT were receiving Title I Distinguished Schools money, according to Matt Cardoza of the Georgia Department of Education.

"We're concerned if they got money that was not due, that money could be revoked and they would have to recoup it," Cardoza said.

The 44 schools found to have instances of cheating have received $967,022 in Title I Distinguished Schools money since 2005, according to state records. If state officials overturn their AYP statuses from those years, some or all of the money may have to be paid back.

Title I Distinguished Schools monies have been revoked in the past. In 2008, the state board of education revoked the AYP status of four schools caught cheating on the CRCT. Those schools were forced to repay the funds.

The state board of education has not yet determined or released AYP statuses of the schools in question in light of the investigation.

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