APS Report: Hall ignored evidence of cheating

8:55 AM, Jul 20, 2011   |    comments
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Former Atlanta Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall

ATLANTA -- Former Superintendent Dr. Beverly Hall has consistently denied knowing about widespread cheating in the Atlanta Public Schools system.

But state investigators say Hall was presented with and largely ignored proof of cheating for years before they uncovered pervasive test tampering in the school system.

COMPLETE COVERAGE: CRCT Cheating Investigation

As early as 2005, investigators say Hall received several complaints of cheating and other misconduct at Parks Middle School.

The district launched its own investigation, hiring a former-police-officer-turned-private investigator named Reginal Dukes to lead the probe.

Dukes' report largely substantiated the allegations of cheating and other misconduct at Parks Middle School. Investigators say Dukes testified that he personally hand delivered the report to Hall in a meeting with her top aides.

However, state investigators write that Hall, "never opened the report and did not read a single page while he was there."

Hall would later tell investigators that she neither remembered the meeting nor receiving the report.

Despite Dukes' findings, little changed at Parks Middle School. The principal Christopher Waller was not punished. Instead, he was hailed as an educational reformer by Hall and others.

The state report would later single Principal Waller and Parks Middle School as one of the worst examples of systemic cheating in the entire district.

"Waller collected money and accolades for himself and the district based on false test results," investigators wrote.

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