Trash or treasure: "Antiques Roadshow" stops in Atlanta

12:42 AM, Aug 7, 2011   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- PBS' popular "Antiques Roadshow" made a stop in Atlanta for its 2011 Roadshow tour.

Atlanta is the second to last stop for the tour, which also visited Eugene, Ore. and El Paso, Texas.

Hundreds of people waited for the event for months. The deadline to secure a ticket was in April.

The show filmed Saturday at the Georgia International Convention Center. "From this event today, we will make three episodes of television," said the show's Executive Producer, Marsha Bemco.

11Alive spoke to several people who were there to learn the value of their collectibles and antiques. The roadshow has approximately 20 different categories for the items, including furniture, dolls, toys and paintings.

Many people there weren't looking for the cash value of the item. They just wanted to learn the story behind them.

Shaun Amos told 11Alive, "We watch the 'Antiques Roadshow' all the time, and we always sit at home and ask each other what we would take if we ever went on."

Amos had a lithograph and a drawing on silk to be appraised.

11Alive spoke to one of the show's appraisers, who had some upsetting news for one participant.

"We had a guest and she had purchased at auction here in Atlanta an enamel, and silver, and diamond egg that she thought was Faberge. She spent $15,000 on it," said Sebastian Clarke. "Unfortunately, according to Clark, her egg was not true Faberge.

"After doing some research, and based upon our experiences appraising, we told her it was fake," said Clarke. "She took it real well because $15,000 turned into $3,000."

Clarke said some people at the roadshow are hoping to get rich off their item, but most people just want to learn the history behind their antiques.

The "Antiques Roadshow" will travel to Pittsburgh for its last stop on its 2011 tour.

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