Parents of North Georgia bullying vicitm speak out

6:57 AM, Oct 7, 2011   |    comments
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CALHOUN, Ga. -- The parents of a Gordon County high school student who committed suicide in August say constant teasing by some of his classmates was largely to blame for his death.

"Andrew never cried," said the teen's mother Susan Silvers. "But this day, tears were rolling."

His mother Susan said her 17-year-old son Steven Andrew was just beginning his junior at Sonoraville High School in Calhoun when he complained that he was being teased and badgered by a group of his classmates.

Silvers said she and her son complained to the administration at the school but did not feel their concerns were taken seriously.

Silvers said an administrator at the school told her,"Ignore them. And if you ignore them, they'll see that they're not getting to you and they'll leave you alone."

Andrew's mother said the strategy didn't work and that the teasing got worse.

A few days later, Andrew's mother said she came home and discovered that her son had hung himself.

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