Man holds record for jumping over cars on foot

5:05 PM, Nov 4, 2011   |    comments
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MILWAUKEE (CNN) -- A Milwaukee man holds a world record that many people might not want to beat. He is the fastest to jump over three moving cars.

So you got a car coming at you at about 30 miles per hour. What would you do? Aaron Evans says, "I picked a point as where I'm gonna meet it, and as soon as it gets there and I'm at a certain point, I get ready and I take off."

Suppose the approach is appropriate when you're Milwaukee's Aaron Evans. He says, "I currently hold the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to jump over three cars."

That's three moving cars. He jumped just one in September and since then, he says the buzz over his bounce has been building. Evans says, "It's crazy, how fast this is goin'. It's blowin' up and I ain't even have-- all I had to do was flip over a car. All I had to do was flip over a car ... that's it!"

Evans says the recent posting of these YouTube videos has the 23-year-old taking his talent to a new level, as heis feats are featured during an episode of The History Channel show, "Superhumans." Evans says, "Seeing it happen, live, was ... was -- yeah, your heart's in your throat, for a minute."

The "Superhuman" producers made the chair of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee kinesiology department Kris O'Connor, part of the program to break-down what helps Evans get up. O'Connor says, "He had his innate jumping ability, his spatial-awareness, where he is, in space, and, I think, just an insanity to even try it."

For Evans, it's a passion which propels him, and one which, he explains, is not, necessarily shared by someone who may want a shot at the title. Evans says, "Just don't think you can do it. I mean, I don't wanna put anyone down-- everybody has they own abilities, and I just found mine, that's it."

No, that's amazing. Evans says a Bruce Lee film inspired him to start flipping and jumping when he was five years old.

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