Occupy Atlanta arrests continue

3:12 PM, Nov 7, 2011   |    comments
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Occupy Atlanta protestors faced off with police on Peachtree Street Saturday night.

ATLANTA -- Poilce said five people were arrested at Woodruff Park Sunday night, capping off a weekend of confrontations between Occupy Atlanta and police.

The park closed at 11 p.m.

About 100 protesters left the park at closing. One woman, draped in an American flag, stayed behind. 

She was arrested after several warnings, both in English and Spanish, from the Atlanta Police Department.

Occupy Atlanta organizer Tim Franzen told the Associated Press Sunday that having one person protesting is just as powerful as several.

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Four other people on bicycles were arrested near the park -- three for traffic violations and one for obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

Sunday night's scene Downtown was in sharp contrast to Saturday night's encounter with police, when 20 people were arrested on Peachtree Street just outside the park.

All but one of the people bounded out on Sunday. The remaining protestor, 24-year-old Brandon Wojcik-Tremblay, faces felony  charges related to a confrontation with a motorcycle officer on Saturday night.  

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