Social media v. old school media on 11Alive

11:40 AM, Nov 30, 2011   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- In case you haven't noticed, the news media has changed a lot in recent years. There's the whole business of the media that's called social media. Social media make old-school media a little nervous -- because the media doesn't control it. You control it.

Brenda Wood wrote and delivered an outstanding rant about social media. But you probably didn't see it on TV.

You would have seen it on Facebook, a social media site that has swept the world and is now part of 11Alive's quest to keep you people-- our beloved viewers -- interested in our content, while acknowledging that, at any given moment, you may be more interested in social media than whatever we're putting up on our old-school TV channel.

So 11Alive has a facebook page.  Find it here.

Funny thing is, by the end of Wood's piece, one of the most dignified women I've ever known is all but pleading with the viewer to like her page on Facebook.

And as harrowing as that may be to watch, our other anchors have made pieces of video that are just as -- interesting.

  • Mike Francis's daughter scolds him on his on-camera performance.
  • Melissa Long asks too many questions.
  • Karyn Greer dresses up like a man and accosts people in a parking lot.
  • Ted Hall does this whole interpretative dance thing that just has to be seen to be believed.

You may view each of these videos here.

I'm a little jealous. Nobody asked me to produce a fantasy piece about myself. But as a mere TV reporter non-anchor, I embrace the caste system in our industry. Frankly, my options are limited.

But why make so much effort to pay attention to us on Facebook? I'm old school, but I've kinda figured out that that's where the eyeballs are. If we can move some of those eyeballs toward 11Alive's content -- then perhaps, it'll translate into measurable viewers which will translate into advertising dollars will which trickle ever so slightly into the paychecks of my coworkers and myself.

The media has changed. And if Brenda Wood has to plead and Ted Hall has to dance to keep you interested, I can live with that.

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