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Will We See the Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday Morning?

8:35 PM, Dec 9, 2011   |    comments
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A total lunar eclipse will occur early Saturday morning.  The only problem for us in north Georgia and metro Atlanta area, the full eclipse will occur after the moon sets.  Take a look at the map attached.  The dark colors on the map will not see the eclipse.  You can see that Georgia is in a darker gray color.  The eclipse will begin at 6:33am eastern standard time.  This is called the "penumbra."  That is when the earth will block direct sunlight onto the moon.  The moon will set at 7:30am.  Due to the location of the moon at the horizon as the eclipse begins, the viewing of the lunar eclipse will be very slight here.

The visibility will be better in western states.  Folks there can expect to see a reddish hue to the moon as it enters totality.  Check out this link to a NASA video explaining all you would want to know about this eclipse.  This will be the last total lunar eclipse for 3 years.





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