Florida governor calls for FAMU president's suspension

9:43 AM, Dec 16, 2011   |    comments
Florida A&M University band (Flickr:MarkusR)
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TALLAHASSEE -- Governor Rick Scott has called for the immediate suspension of FAMU president James Ammons.

"This is tragic," the governor said. "It starts with the death of a young man, and then it goes now to the investigation expanding into financial irregularities. I think it's in his best interest to say 'I want to make sure there's no question but this university is doing the best thing and cooperating.'"

Hundreds of students marched more than two miles to the governor's mansion late Thursday night. Governor Scott came out and met the students.

Breyon Love, FAMU's student government president said, "We want you to rescind that recommendation and we want you to wait until the investigation is over, until all the facts are done and we want the Board of Governors and we want the governor to stay out of it until the investigation is over."

The students and the governor went inside to continue talking and came out later to announce the governor had agreed to meet with President Ammons.

Ammons said if the board of trustees votes to suspend him, he won't fight it. The vote could come as early as Monday.

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