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New Years Superstition

11:45 PM, Dec 30, 2011   |    comments
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Atlanta- Everyone is looking for good luck and prosperity in the new year. As 2011 comes to an end many look for an advantage through tradition and superstition.

2012 needs all the help it can get.

Friday night we sought out the expertise of a local humorist and author.

A woman who knows the difference between good luck and a good time.

" I have so many superstitions- -I'm so superstitious --I really hate that about myself."

Hollis Gillespie is getting ready for New Years at her east Atlanta home with her daughter, sister, and 5 cats.

She is a sydicated columnist, author, NPR contributor, and has appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

" It's not that I believe in superstition but I believe in the belief. I think if you believe it- - - it will happen."

Southerners like to begin the new year with hoppin john, the mix of pork, blackeyed peas and greens.

Hullinger: " Greens mean money."

Hollis: "I like that one."

Hullinger: : "Black eyed peas mean coins."

Hollis: "Sometimes they put the coins in the pots and that bothers me--anything that will kill a goldfish is not what I want in my pot of blackeyed peas."

Good luck is defined in many different ways.

Kissing a loved one at midnight.

No crying on New Years Day.

Tossing a bucket of water out the door at midnight brings good luck.

Plus get loud- - very loud.

"Right--all the noise you make at midnight is suppose to scare evil spirits away," added Hollis

Hullinger:  "Pack a suitcase at midnight, walk a block- - that way you have safe travel for the year."

Hollis: " I'm too lazy for that."

Cubans eat 12 grapes at midnight for 12 months of good luck, nothing should leave the house on New Years Day, no trash taken out, no laundry, it signifies washing away a loved one, death.

So how do you decide which superstitions to respect?

"The green I will do, the blackeyed peas I'm going to do. definitely, the laundry. I didn't know that one thank you for telling me. I'm not packing a bag and walking a block,basically, I'm going to dictate my superstitions by my level of laziness," said Gillespie with a smile.

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