Frozen yogurt, once unique, now topping the charts

11:15 AM, Jan 14, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Years ago frozen yogurt was unique because it was a specialty item.  Today it's unique for a different reason.

It's now a mass market item, popular for millions of people as a health snack, as well as being a top choice for business entrepreneurs looking to go into business.

When Yogurt first kicked in as a crowd pleaser, you had to hunt to find a TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt).  But today, the health and quick snack craze has changed the picture.

Metro Atlanta has become a Yogurt paradise.  Yogurt havens all over town.

There are lots of different names but all with the same basic product: yogurt and toppings.

For some a yogurt break translates to a health break. Yogurt with fresh fruit toppings and generally less than 230 calories for a 10 ounce cup.

"I believe the people are looking for a healthier option and frozen yogurt with all the tart and fresh fruit options is a good way to get those lighter snack options," said Tadd Zipperer, owner of Yogurtland.

And yogurt fans like Ellie Brissette agree. "Its taste, it's refreshing, something light, especially good at this time of day," she said.

But don't tell that to Lee Coleman and his son. For them it's the other side of the topping counter, with chocolate, M&M's, sprinkles, and lots of other sweet toppings.

"Snack time is one time I am not necessarily concerned about health. We're here because it tastes good." Coleman said.

No matter what your tastes, if you want to give yogurt a try, there's no shortage of new places to go.

But if you want to start your own Yogurt business, franchisees say be ready to shell out up to $400,000 for a fully stocked franchise.

The way the yogurt business is going; there is plenty of room to grow.

"Atlanta is a frozen yogurt market and there is enough of it for everybody," Zipperer said.

Just Google Yogurt in Atlanta and you'll find more choices of places to go, than flavors being offered.

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