AG Sam Olens Will Attend SCOTUS Healthcare Arguments Monday.

10:05 PM, Mar 23, 2012   |    comments
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   On Monday the US Supreme Court will listen to arguments for and against President Obama's centerpiece legislation, the Healthcare Reform Act.

   It will be the hottest ticket in town.

   And among the six attorneys general with a front row seat that first day will be Georgia's Sam Olens.

   "The federal government doesn't have the authority to render such an act," said Olens. "The issue is simply: are there limits upon the federal government?  Or can the federal government now pass laws on any area it now sees fit?"

   Olens believes that some measure of healthcare reform is necessary, but that the federal government is trespassing with a heavy boot on the 10th Amendment, state's rights.

   "We're not saying there doesn't need to be health reform," added Olens.  "For instance, I support being able to buy policies across state lines.  I support high-risk pools that help people who have pre-existing conditions."

   But Olens and the other twenty-five AG's across the country who've joined the lawsuit have drawn the line at forcing Americans to buy insurance and the states to pick up much of the tab.

   "The expansion of Medicaid whereby Georgia would have an additional 650-750-thousand claimants on Medicaid would cost about 2.5 billion dollars minimum over ten years," the Attorney General added.

   The hearing will take place over three days. The justices could decide to do nothing or scrap the entire law or pretty much anything in between.


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