'Growlers' coming to Alpharetta?

9:21 AM, Apr 12, 2012   |    comments
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ALPHARETTA, Ga. (WXIA) -- Have you ever heard of a growler? It's a 64 oz. container that is filled with draft beer and then sealed until the consumer gets home to break it open.

The source of the unusual name varies according to who you ask. Some say it came from the bubbling sound made by the beer in its container, others say the containers made a growling sound when their lard seals were ripped open in old England. Whatever the reason for the name, growler store owners say they offer the best of two trends: the quality of draft beer with the convenience of home brewing.

"This is a whole different concept, this is not a tall boy in a brown paper bag," said Greg Lindquist, the owner of Best of Brews in Duluth. He said he's filled thousands of growlers since opening six months ago.

The idea is still new to Georgia, with several cities like Athens and Duluth allowing filling stores to open in the last year. Now Alpharetta is considering an ordinance that would allow a store to open up in their downtown area.

"This is just part of a process," said Alpharetta City Council member Donald Mitchell. "One step toward our ultimate goal of making downtown alive and vibrant."

State law would not allow restaurants to offer the growling fillups. But many Alpharetta business owners said they welcome any new store that brings potential customers to the area.

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