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Ways to Save: Super laundry detergent deal

6:46 AM, May 31, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Stores have not been able to keep this laundry detergent on the shelves. It sold out big time when I last featured the product and constant re-order requests have made this something many of you have been waiting for. Today is your day. 

So what is it?

Berry Plus detergent is considered to be the most pure and natural laundry detergent on the market. They're derived from Soap Nuts (which are also a great cleaning product, but aren't as easy to use as the Berry Plus liquid form). Free of toxins, carcinogens and chemicals that would otherwise destroy fabric over time, Berry Plus is also extremely effective, works as a stain remover and fabric softener, reducing your need to buy other products.

It's also perfect for cold water, which means you can also cut down on energy use.

Now for the cost: $24 for 60 loads of laundry, free shipping.

Here's why that's good:

I realize there are some no-name and budget detergents on the market, but of the countless ones I've tried, many are ineffective and watered down.

Berry Plus is highly concentrated and its closest competitor in performance tests was Tide Coldwater.

Doing 20 loads of laundry in Tide Coldwater and 20 loads on the exact same clothing items with Berry Plus, Berry Plus came out on top in performance and cost.

One 50-ounce Tide Coldwater sells for around $12 (sometimes $9 plus shipping via Amazon), which gives you 26 loads. Let's say you buy two -- that works out to $24 for 52 loads of laundry plus shipping.

Let's say you spend that same money on Berry Plus.

What do you get? $24 for 60 loads of laundry, with free shipping.

For me, based on performance and the fact my fiancée prefers hypoallergenic detergent (plus, I'm extremely cheap), Berry Plus wins.

I highly recommend you try it for yourself.

The free shipping (added at checkout) and $24 total price makes this very enticing. CLICK HERE

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