ATHENA CURRY: One Year Later

11:16 PM, Jun 1, 2012   |    comments
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CASCADE, Ga. -- It's been a year since Athena Curry seemingly disappeared.

We first told you about the young mother as part of our in-depth look at how missing persons cases involving people of color are treated differently by the police, the press and the public.

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Athena's family says the year since she disappeared from the Cascade neighborhood in Southwest Atlanta has brought more frustrations than answers.

Police say Athena was staying with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Yusef -- the father of her one-year-old son -- at a house on Beecher Street during the Memorial Day weekend last year.

According to the police report, the couple had been arguing over some text messages Athena had intercepted from another woman.

Yusef would later tell investigators that Athena stormed out of the house around three o'clock in the morning.

She was reported missing a few days later but has never been seen since.

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