Corliss Johnson remembered at funeral

3:58 PM, Jun 9, 2012   |    comments
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Atlanta, Ga. -There were so many mourners going to Corliss Johnson's funeral, they quickly filled up the Atlanta Metropolitan Cathedral's parking lot. Then they filled up the parking lot at a facility across the street, and had to start parking down the block.

"A lot of us know this family," said Michael Kelly. "They're very well-known throughout Atlanta, throughout the church community, that's why a lot of people are here to support them."

Johnson was killed in a single-car wreck last weekend. Police said her father Anthony was intoxicated and behind the wheel with his four children inside the vehicle. His other daughter was taken to the hospital, while his two sons escaped with minor injuries.

Reporters were not allowed inside the funeral. Bishop Flynn Johnson, no relation to the family, said they are trying to accentuate the positive-that their three other children are still alive. But he said Corliss will be sorely missed inside the church.

"She was one of the youth in this church that was really slated for leadership," Johnson said. "So it is a loss to us, but we love this family, and we are going to continue to embrace them."

Anthony Johnson was released on bond this week.

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