Stunt plane crashes at air show; Georgia pilot survives

1:14 PM, Jun 16, 2012   |    comments
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REXBURG, Idaho (AP) -- Officials at an eastern Idaho air show say a small stunt plane crashed into a nearby golf course Friday evening but the Sharpsburg, Ga. pilot suffered only minor injuries.

The annual Legacy Air Show in Rexburg attracts stunt pilots and vintage aircraft from around the country. The Friday evening preview was supposed to be a casual affair with sponsors and guests lined up along the runway.

Air show official Brad DeBow said the pilot, Buck Roetman of Sharpsburg, appeared to have a broken ankle and some other minor injuries. After the plane lost power, DeBow says Roetman aimed for a clear spot on the edge of the Rexburg Municipal Golf Course, just east of the city's airport.

Witnesses say the Christen Eagle stunt plane was doing a series of rolls when it dropped from the sky and disappeared into a group of trees.

Associated Press

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