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Study says moderate drinking safe for pregnant women

11:12 AM, Jun 26, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Pregnant woman may be able to have eight alcoholic beverages per week without harming their developing child, according to a study by released by Danish researchers. 

The CDC, based in Atlanta, provided some of the funding for the study.

Dr. Colleen Boyle is the Director of the National Center of Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.  She calls the study important, but is quick to point out the results do not translate into any new recommendations for expectant mothers.

"This was one study looking at some very specific outcomes.  We have many other studies out there that point to the potential problems of consuming alcohol while pregnant so women have to look at the totality of the information out there," said Boyle.

The study evaluated the drinking habits of about 1,600 pregnant woman and assessed the children's intelligence quotient (IQ) once they turned 5 years old. 

According to their research, the children whose mother had one to eight drinks per week didn't perform worse on IQ and brain functioning test than children of mothers who abstained from drinking. 

Doctors still say pregnant women should abstain from drinking; however, this study could provide relief to women who drank before they knew they were pregnant. 

Gynecologist Dr. Mimi Vanoyan worries the Danish study may send a mixed message to some expectant moms.

"I reallly questions the reasoning behind even participating in a study like this.  There is no question that alcohol is transferred through the placenta. Alcohol is a known toxin. I tell my patients it is simply not worth the risk to consume alcohol during a pregnancy," said Vanoyan. 

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