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Morsi's supporters celebrate, vow to overturn new military orders

2:15 AM, Jun 25, 2012   |    comments
Egyptian protesters celebrate the victory of Mohammed Morsi, Cairo, Egypt
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CAIRO -- Tens of thousands of supporters of Egypt's new president-elect, Mohammed Morsi, have been celebrating in Cairo's Tahrir square.

But the Islamist president still faces a struggle for power with the country's military rulers.

Morsi's election is a stunning victory for the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that was outlawed under former president Hosni Mubarak.

But now, the liberal and secular youth groups that were behind the uprising that drove Mubarak from power are wondering whether Egypt has taken a step toward becoming a repressed Islamist state -- or whether there will be a new power sharing agreement between Morsi and the military.

A week ago, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces issued constitutional amendments that stripped the president's office of most of its major powers. The ruling generals made themselves the final arbiters over the writing the constitution and passing laws -- and they gave military police wide powers to detain civilians. The new president won't be allowed to appoint the defense minister.

Morsi's supporters are vowing to stay in the square, pushing for the reversal of those actions.


(Associated Press)

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